Chicken-Rating: My favourite birds (as an newbie hen watcher)

As somewhat youngster, I´ve at all times favored watching birds fly round and imagined, what it will be like flying round alone each time I really feel prefer it and never having to take a seat in an airplane stuffed with good individuals.

Anyway, as I grew older, I began to view birds otherwise, somewhat in a superficial method, simply judging them by their seems or whether or not they appeared “cute” or “fairly”. Since I’m not precisely an ornithological professional, this rating is solely primarily based on my private ideas and impressions of those species.

P.S.: For those who’ve learn my earlier submit, you received’t be shocked to seek out out that the Nice Noticed Woodpecker didn’t make it onto this checklist!

Beginning with the 5th place: The Peacock (Pavo cristatus)

My very detailed analysis (thanks, Wikipedia) taught me that these birds are literally known as Indian Peafowls– I´m studying so much writing these posts! It’s not laborious to think about what a woman may like concerning the male peacock particularly, provided that his colourful feathers and attraction are all about impressing females – whatever the species, I assume. The one cause for it being in fifth place is the disagreeable noise this hen tends to make, which tremendously differs from its look.

Subsequent up in 4th place is: The Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco)

The Toucan has at all times been such a cool hen to me!

When taking a look at birds, I usually deal with their heads and beaks, as these options can actually affect my opinion. (For example, the Marabou Stork or the Californian Condor.) Toucans, alternatively, have at all times appeared “clear” and amusing to me. Not in a bizarre method, however in a method that makes me suppose they’d be extraordinarily humorous and down-to-earth if they might speak – with a beak like that!

The bronze medal (3rd place) goes to: The European Robin (Erithacus rubecula)

Robins are quite common in Germany. Shade and dimension smart undoubtedly a large “downgrade” from the earlier two birds, but I really like watching European Robins hop round my yard; they give the impression of being so good and witty. For his or her dimension, they appear extremely courageous, fearlessly searching worms (I coincidentally at all times appear to be catching them searching minutes after mowing the garden) with willpower. Their vibrant pink chests make them appear like tiny superheroes. Plus, they’re simply tremendous cute typically. There’s one thing endlessly entertaining about their little antics!

In 2nd place are: Hummingbirds (Trochillidae)

I love hummingbirds typically; their colourful feathers, dimension, and common look are merely gorgeous. There appears to be a sample with me liking birds for his or her vibrant plumage! Not solely are they beautiful, however their precision in hovering and sipping nectar is mesmerizing. They even resemble butterflies of their delicate actions, which I additionally adore. These tiny, dazzling creatures by no means fail to excite me.

Lastly: my favourite hen of all time undoubtedly is the owl.

I’m completely smitten with owls, no matter their species. Their cute physique form, eyes, and face simply soften my coronary heart. However past their cuteness, what actually astounds me is their intelligence and noteworthy searching talents. It’s unbelievable how they glide via the air with such silent grace, like ethereal beings within the darkness. Their majestic presence evokes a way of calm and concord within the wild. Owls, to me, symbolize the guardians of the night time, embodying the untouched great thing about nature. Their mysterious attract by no means fails to captivate me.

Nevertheless, if I had to decide on a selected owl species (which, let’s face it, I have to, contemplating I’ve dedicated to rating them), I’d go along with the Tawny owl (Strix aluco). In my humble opinion, it’s the epitome of owl-ness and undeniably cute.

And so, as I wrap up my rating of my favourite feathered companions, I’m left in awe of the sheer selection and marvel of the avian world. From the flamboyant peacock to the fragile hummingbird and the enigmatic owl, every hen holds a particular place in my coronary heart. They function reminders of the sweetness and thriller that encompass us day-after-day. Right here’s to the birds that convey pleasure to our lives and coloration to our skies – could we at all times cherish and defend these magnificent creatures.

Photographs: David Tomlinson (Tawny Owl), Donna Schulman (Toco Toucan), Pixabay (Violetear), Kai Pflug (Collared Owlet/Oriental Scops Owl, Indian Peafowl, European Robin). Thanks for permitting their use!

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