Decimation of Wild Horses Continues: Path Ahead Plan Supported by Non-Revenue Activist Group Return To Freedom

Wild Horses are crucial keystone herbivores on the North American continent the place their symbiotic grazing balances ecosystems. Photograph: William E. Simpson II

Return To Freedom was a key supporter of the incidious Path Forward plan, which included massive roundups!

Return To Freedom was a key supporter of the incidious Path Ahead plan, which included large roundups!

A record of a $440,000.00 contract awarded to Return To Freedom for Wild Horse and Burro Control

A file of a $440,000.00 contract awarded to Return To Freedom for Wild Horse and Burro Management

Family of wild horses stands guard over the forest where they live.

A household of untamed horses that lives in a distant forest have symbiotically grazed-in a fire-break, which is defending a forest of champion old-growth conifirs towards catastrophic wildfire. That is their evolutionary position as keystone herbivores.

Naturalist William E. Simpson II studying a wild horse family in a forest and their symbiotic grazing of fuels, reducing the wildfire fuels under the forest canopy. Photo: Carla Bowers

Intensive ongoing close-observational examine of untamed horses in wilderness ecosystems has unveiled new understandings of their developed symbiotic standing with wildlife

In what appears to be an effort to aim to rebuild credibility in wild horse circles, Return To Freedom condemns roundups whereas supporting drugging wild horses

Do Individuals need wild horses to be ‘wild and free’? Or managed by way of draconian roundups and manipulated by way of selective breeding utilizing medication? My cash is on ‘wild & free!”

— William E. Simpson II – Naturalist

YREKA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2021 / — Not too long ago within the information, the non-profit group ‘Return To Freedom’ appears to be making an attempt to distance themselves from their wrong-headed insistence and assist for the so-called wild horse administration plan referred to as ‘The Path Ahead For Administration Of BLM’s Wild Horses & Burros’; additionally recognized merely because the ‘Path Ahead’ (See Photographs).

Nevertheless, that ship has sailed and it is no shock that the catastrophe stemming from the ‘Path Ahead is properly underway.

The title ‘Return To Freedom’, sounds nice. But it surely’s a reputation that appears extra like an oxymoron provided that the group utilizing that title supported the ‘Path Ahead’, and it appears that previously, Return To Freedom was paid to roundup wild horses, ensuing of their removing from freedom and shoved into confinement (See Photographs).

Many intellectually trustworthy wild horse conservationists and non-profit organizations protested the highly-flawed ‘Path Ahead’, rightfully calling it the ‘Path to Extinction’ for wild horses.

Many real wild horse specialists and advocates condemned Return To Freedom’s assist of the ‘Path Ahead’ requesting that Return To Freedom discontinue its assist of that *proposed (*at the moment) plan in writing by way of licensed mail on September 16, 2019, as evidenced on this 2019 article:

Now two years later, in current press releases, Neda DeMayo the president of Return to Freedom has returned onto the media scene, condemning the roundups that have been a part of the insidious ‘Path Ahead’ plan that her group helped to implement. (SEE Photographs).

American wild horses are teetering on the point of extinction they usually can’t endure any additional meddling and blunders by individuals or organizations who by way of their actions and posits over a long time, have demonstrated that they don’t possess the data that’s required to posit the sustainable conservation of untamed horses in a pure state as supposed beneath legislation.

And including insult to harm, Ms. DeMayo, amazingly continues to assist of the highly-flawed drugging of untamed horses with chemical substances as a type of contraception on wild horses, that are in reality native species wildlife. Arguably, that is an instance of getting lower than the requisite scope of data that might enable the conclusion of extra clever choices for the sustainable, pure conservation of untamed horses in America.

Selective Breeding of Native Species American Wild Horses Utilizing Chemical substances (PZP and GonaCon)

In live performance with some wild horse non-profit organizations and activists corresponding to American Wild Horse Marketing campaign and Return To Freedom, the Bureau of Land Administration (‘BLM’) can be engaged within the selective breeding of native species American wild horses by way of the usage of PZP and GonaCon, thereby meddling with pure evolutionary processes which are crucial for the long-term survival of untamed horses.

When a human decides which animals get to breed and/or which don’t, that’s by definition, ‘Selective Breeding’.

Selective breeding is opposite to the intent of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act (WFRHBA).

Selective breeding of untamed horses by people disintermediates the evolutionary technique of ‘Pure Choice’, which is crucial to the continued survival and genetic vigor of untamed horses. It’s a vital evolutionary course of in any co-evolved predator-prey relationship. For this reason it’s flawed administration to keep up wild horse populations which are commingled with livestock populations in Herd Areas which were made devoid of apex predators.

Depleted predator populations are nice for livestock manufacturing, however horrible for wild horses, which require and rely on their co-evolved predators for his or her genetic vigor by way of evolutionary Pure Choice.

No matter any ‘good intentions’ by some wild horse non-profit organizations and activists, supporting or doing the unsuitable issues to wild horses is dangerous and inexcusable.

In response to Buddies of Animals and lawyer Michael Harris:

“Data is now obtainable to the EPA concerning the unintended—and beforehand undisclosed—unwanted side effects on each focused mares and wild horses normally. It not solely exhibits unreasonable adversarial results, but additionally signifies the usage of PZP on wild horses possible violates the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971.

“We totally consider the analysis is reputable, and subsequently the usage of PZP on wild horses is probably going unlawful beneath the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) ; per Michael Harris.”

Excuses that posit the usage of chemical contraception (PZP and GonaCon) on native species American wild horses because the ‘finest resolution’ for overpopulation are examples of a poor understanding of evolutionary science. And this ignorance is driving the irreversible harm that’s being achieved to the remaining populations of American wild horses.

Egregiously, these highly-flawed administration techniques are being utilized by the BLM and non-profit organizations whereas concurrently there exists a superior paradigm for managing wild horses naturally and permitting them to stay actually ‘wild and free’.

That ‘superior paradigm’ permits rewilding American wild horses to renew their longstanding evolutionary roles within the wilderness as keystone herbivores in wilderness areas the place such rewilding is each ecologically and economically acceptable, which balances ecosystems and, in keeping with the perfect obtainable science, helps to cut back each the depth and frequency of wildfires by way of symbiotic reductions of prodigious annual grass and brush.

An article at GrazeLIFE explains this novel paradigm in better element:

“Fertility management in free‐roaming wildlife populations has been related to adjustments in immigration (Ramsey 2005; Merrill, Cooch & Curtis 2006), decreased group constancy (Nuñez et al. 2009; Madosky et al. 2010), elevated survival (Caughley, Pech & Grice 1992; Kirkpatrick & Turner 2007; Williams et al. 2007), altered reproductive habits (Nuñez, Adelman & Rubenstein 2010; Ransom, Cade & Hobbs 2010) and shifted phenology (Ransom, Hobbs & Bruemmer 2013)” ~ Ecological feedbacks can cut back inhabitants‐stage efficacy of wildlife fertility management. [2]

Using chemical substances to regulate wild horse populations (wildlife) disintermediates evolutionary Pure Choice and results in genetic erosion and social disruptions in wild horses (equids). Moreover, utilizing chemical substances (PZP & GonaCon) affords no real long-term sustainable advantages for both aspect of the wild horse administration debate. [2]


Except for the social breakdown of household bands, genetic erosion and selective breeding which are all a part of utilizing PZP on free-roaming native species American wild horses, we discover:

“Even on a big animal struck appropriately, the dart (contraceptive PZP and GonaCon darts) could cause hemorrhage and hematoma. Misplaced pictures can break bones and even kill the animal” (Thomas and Marburger 1964). Report–Muzzle report could cause issues in darting both captive or free-ranging animals. In captive conditions, the noise will be extra disturbing to animals than getting struck with a dart. Disturbed animals are then harder to method, or the complete group of animals could run away” ~ Web page 32; Overview of Supply Methods for the Administration of Contraceptive to Wildlife”, by Terry J. Kreeger


Violating The Intent of the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Safety Act.

Stalking and capturing wild horses with highly effective gas-powered firearms is in itself a ‘harassment’ of untamed horses and is an controversial violation of each the intent and codified specs of the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Safety Act.

Based mostly-on Terry J. Keeger’s examine, by selling the usage of PZP and utilizing PZP on American wild horses, non-profit organizations who assist PZP, are arguably utilizing donation funds to encourage harming wild horses in violation of the intent of very Act that seeks to guard them.

Folks ought to suppose very rigorously about supporting or donating cash to any non-profit group that helps the usage of chemical substances as contraception on wild horses.


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Wildfire continues to devastate the American West. The evolutionary position of the wild horse is on the middle of a real resolution


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