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Elevating and Rewilding Leopard Sharks

Kyra Bestari leaned over the tank rim whereas clutching the ocean snail. Dipping her hand beneath the water’s floor, she prolonged the providing towards the small shark pup slowly approaching. Gently, it snatched the snail and darted in a blur right into a deeper nook of the tank. As a “shark nanny,” Kyra feeds and cares for Indo-Pacific leopard shark pups for Misool Basis, a brand new WCN Conservation Companion. Misool Basis manages a nursery for these sharks, that are a part of a first-of-its-kind reintroduction challenge led by ReShark that can restore the species to considered one of its historic marine ecosystems in Indonesia’s Raja Ampat archipelago.

Kyra Bestari caring for a leopard shark pup in Misool Basis’s nursery.

ReShark is a global collective of over 90 conservation organizations, authorities companies, and aquariums devoted to reintroducing endangered sharks to the wild. Indo-Pacific leopard sharks are functionally extinct in Raja Ampat as a consequence of years of intensive shark finning. Nonetheless, Misool Basis has spent over a decade contributing to the creation of a community of marine protected areas within the archipelago, together with Misool Marine Reserve and the Raja Ampat Shark and Ray Sanctuary. They’ve additionally helped shield the archipelago’s colourful coral reef ecosystems, work that’s now dovetailing into the rewilding of bigger species, like leopard sharks, which couldn’t return right here with out this reintroduction challenge.

raja ampat

Indonesia’s Raja Ampat archipelago.

With shark finning now eradicated within the area, Raja Ampat is the right location to reintroduce the sharks. It begins in ReShark’s accomplice aquariums, the place eggs are collected from captive leopard sharks which can be genetically appropriate with the Indonesian subpopulation. These eggs are fastidiously transported to Misool Basis’s nursery at Raja Ampat, the place they’re transferred to particular tanks and monitored by marine scientists like Kyra. For months, Kyra and fellow “shark nannies” file the eggs’ improvement, and as soon as they hatch, they appear after the new child sharks and feed them snails. When the pups attain an acceptable measurement and weight, Kyra transfers them to a particular open water pen to allow them to acclimate to their new habitat and study to reside wild. She continues to watch them there, repeatedly diving into the ocean pen to feed the younger sharks that she’s raised like her personal.

leopard shark egg

A leopard shark egg being examined.

When a leopard shark is able to be launched, Kyra attaches a small acoustic tag so her crew can monitor its actions within the wild. Misool Marine Reserve is protected by rangers, so the sharks that Kyra has spent so lengthy nurturing can be secure from fishers. The crew launched their first leopard shark, Mali, in July 2023, and plans to quickly launch 10 extra that Kyra and her colleagues have reared of their nursery. The aim is to hatch and launch 500 leopard sharks over the following 5-10 years to create a self-sustaining inhabitants in Raja Ampat, and to copy this challenge with different endangered shark species.

leopard shark misool foundation

A younger leopard shark being fed in an open water pen previous to launch.

Though Kyra will miss her sharks on the day they swim away, she’s thrilled to know that she and Misool Basis are a part of a robust worldwide effort to return leopard sharks to Raja Ampat for good, and that her efforts helped put together them to swim free.

Assist Misool Basis

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