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Oct. 30, 2021 – The Mercury Information

“Easy Saturday” columns concentrate on enhancing primary approach and creating logical pondering.

If you find yourself a defender, set up a objective. In a matchpoint sport, your objective could also be to carry declarer to 1 overtrick. At IMPs or get together bridge, concentrate on beating the contract. Should you want your accomplice to carry sure playing cards, assume that he holds them.

As at the moment’s West, you lead the queen of hearts towards 3NT: 4, deuce, ace. Declarer then leads a diamond to your ace. How do you proceed?


South has 5 diamond tips, two spades and the A-Ok of hearts. Your solely likelihood is to win 4 golf equipment, therefore you should place East with the king. Shift to the three of golf equipment. When East wins, he ought to return the ten of golf equipment. Should you wished him to win and shift again to hearts, you’d lead the next membership.

At matchpoints, you may proceed hearts at Trick Three. If South held Q 9 7, A Ok 6, 7 3 2, Ok 8 4 2, a membership shift would give him two overtricks. However with that hand, South may need jumped to 3NT.


You maintain: S J 10 6 H Q J 10 9 7 D A C A J 9 3. Your accomplice opens one diamond, you bid one coronary heart and he raises to a few hearts. What do you say?

ANSWER: Companion has a hand value about 17 factors with four-card coronary heart help. His sample needs to be unbalanced or semibalanced since he didn’t open 1NT. If he holds a minimal increase corresponding to A Q 7 5, A Ok 4 3, Q 7 6 5, 7, you’ll be a favourite at six hearts. Cue-bid 4 golf equipment or 4 diamonds.

West supplier

Either side susceptible


S A Ok 5

H 8 4

D Ok Q J 9 8 4

C 7 5


S J 10 6

H Q J 10 9 7


C A J 9 3


S 9 4 3 2

H 5 3 2

D 10 6 3

C Ok 10 6


S Q 8 7

H A Ok 6

D 7 5 2

C Q 8 4 2

West North East South
1 H 2 D Move 2 NT
Move 3 NT All go

Opening lead — H Q

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